a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Snow Days

So, there we were in the pub yesterday night, the local chaps, putting the world to rights and congratulating ourselves on having made it through the blizzard for a pint.  "Why don't we walk across the fields to the Swan for lunch tomorrow?" suggested Stuart.  

It seemed such a great idea.  

So this morning at 11:30am we met in the village with other halves and Daisy the dog and set out along the cycle track and then across the fields in the snow heading for the Swan.  It was only -1C although the 25 knot winds made it seem a bit colder. Daisy loves the snow, a well behaved lab/collie cross she is the perfect dog in so many ways.

The Swan does quite a good lunchtime menu, so by the time that we had battled across some drifts in the face of strong winds, we were all ready for some decent hot food and, as Pete reminded us, we would have earned our pint of beer.

Unfortunately when we got there the pub was shut - something to do with the inclement weather....

A walk back across the fields and a slightly later than planned lunch in the local pub in the village eventually set everyone right, and we certainly had earned our pint of beer by then.

At 4:30pm this afternoon as I write this,  the sky has a brownish tinge to it and the snow does seem to have stopped.  I gather from the forecast that it is due to warm up a bit tomorrow, so things are probably going to get a bit slippery.  In the meantime, there is a fire burning on the hearth, Cathy is playing the piano and I have a nice hot cup of tea to hand.  Who needs Seville?

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