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By walkingMarj

Women at work

I'm keen to join the challenge to photograph women at work, but I was not sure who I would find in the village. (My car is still stuck in the garage, although the main roads are open.)

I went for a lovely walk this morning. Here I found Suzanne, busy digging out her car. I won't mention that her husband, Herbie, was also doing the same job on his car, just along the street!

I met lots of people who were walking the dog, pulling the child on a sledge, walking the children, visiting the shop. Everyone wanted to stop and chat. Although it was windy, it was not too uncomfortable.

In my extra you can see the line of Humshaugh trees in mono. They are lovely at different times of year, but I like them when there are no leaves.

I've printed Mum's Easter cards today, so that's a good job to tick off. She can settle down to writing them now.

We've just postponed a family get together next Tuesday. Even if the roads are clear, it is likely to be very busy with vehicles catching up on deliveries. Best to be safe.

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