An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


A couple of dilemmas today.  What to do about food shopping since Tesco can't deliver till Tuesday at the earliest (reports came in that the large Tesco in Perth was very low on everything) and what to blip.

Well the first dilemma was solved when David paid a visit to our local Coop and managed to get everything on the shopping list apart from bread (the bread was just a precaution as I have some in the freezer.)  I was very impressed.  We could probably save ourselves a fortune by buying what we need on a weekly basis from the Coop.  There would be less waste too I bet.

As for my blip dilemma, well I had a blip planned for today but it wasn't to be and being confined to quarters (I can confirm there's a little bit of cabin fever setting in) is proving frustrating on the blip front so after absolutely no some thought, you have my bangle resting on a little miniature tree that sits on the window beside my chair in the garden room.  I didn't even need to get out of my chair in order to blip it.  Result.  Of course I have faffed the life out of it in Silver Efex but hey ho, needs must.

In other news, Christine managed to get here today and home again and has just texted to say the roads were fine.  Big sigh of relief from David who can now pack his golf bag for Spain.  Suddenly he is in a very good mood! 

In other, other news, my new iron has finally arrived!  Hip Hip Hooray...


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