Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Kingston Market

What joy to lie in a deep hot bath last night! Gavin has my eternal gratitude for that (or I should say his dad who taught him to be very handy around the house, there are very few things he cannot fix, not a skill that the current young generation seem to be interested in or have learnt) And then a wonderful shower this morning after my run, oh the simple pleasures of our first world life for which I am very grateful, opening a tap and water actually comes out! Having no water for nearly 3 days is nothing compared to what others have endured in these dreadful snow conditions or indeed what people experience around the world all the time. Thank goodness the snow now seems to be melting although the cold weather will be sticking around for a while yet - the wind was Arctic today. 

No hockey for Thomas today due to the snowy conditions. He spent the afternoon cracking on with some Physics while Gavin and I went to Kingston to buy a few things that Luke desperately needs for freezing cold Berlin. It was so busy, more busy than the weeks before Christmas. I think everyone has been stuck at home all week due to the adverse weather conditions but today they were all out shopping. We queued for ages to get in to the car park and the shops and streets were very busy with people. We got what we needed for Luke, and then stopped at the market on the way out where we bought some delicious nuts - chilli cashews and honey roasted cashews. 

A quiet night in, I will no doubt watch some TV - I seem to be in catch up mode all the time watching things that were screened weeks ago. I am really enjoying Collateral.

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