Saved in the nick of time!

Continued: from last Saturday

The soldiers had brought in a tank! They were just lining up the aim on Giant Chick when the Stikbots ran in ....... one of them even fell over in his haste!

Giant Chick is actually their pet ....... he had run off & the Stikbots had been trying to find him ....... luckily when they explained the soldiers stood down & all was well :-)

Today has been a tiny bit warmer ...... the snow is disappearing slowly & that evil wind has eased ........ rain forecast for tomorrow .... so that should clear the rest of the snow away. About time!

Thanks to Admirer & Hanulli for hosting these great challenges :-)

Hope all of you still in the grip of the snow are keeping warm & safe :-)

Hope you are all having a Tigger-tastic weekend :-)

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