RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography


It can be difficult to decide on what to buy in the mercado there are so many choices. I think some people, myself included, pick a vendor and shop them exclusively. I have a person from which I always buy my avocados (that is all they sell) for example. In seven years he has always guided me to good quality fruit and I continue to be loyal to this day. Others I get the sense stroll around the various stalls and buy from the one which has the best looking product. I'm not sure which camp this woman falls into, but she was checking out the meat very carefully as I walked by and snapped this shot. I continue to be impressed with the amount my new lens includes in each frame. I do find I have to concentrate a bit more when taking the photo otherwise extraneous stuff creeps into the shot (like the broom and dustpan I cropped from the lower right).

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