a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Melt day

The thaw is nearly complete now, all that snow is disappearing fast.  The rather soggy ground is about to get wetter, judging from the weather forecast for the next few days.  Still, there is some sunshine too, as this shot of the local Roundhill demonstrates.  

I now realise that I took a shot of the same hill exactly a year ago today - no snow then!

I'm supposed to be on holiday for much of next week (in Seville) but as we didn't get to go, there does not seem to be much point in staying at home and I shall be back off to work on Monday.  I would rather save the holiday for either better weather, or a replanned trip, once we can get that sorted.  In the meantime, there is bread to bake, the usual laundry and cleaning to do, and of course guitar to practise. Not a bad way of spending a Sunday, even if I am going to be back at the coalface tomorrow.

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