Billy is Not Impressed (3)

What a difference a day makes...hardly any snow left around now considering how much was left last night :)

Church where I observed our Minister preaching (but I still have to write up my notes for my Theology course).  I didn't find it easy by any account...

I didn't do an awful lot of other things today.  Caught up on Masterchef though :)

Had a little wander is the very wet garden this afternoon and Billy reluctantly joined me for a quick blip shot - he was less than impressed as you see!

I am going to have to step back from blip (again) and only 'blip' when I've time or when I find a great picture...its purely because I'm so busy over the next couple of weeks or so and something has to give!

Last week on the Theology Course, we were told of some tasks that need to be completed before the next session (24th March);  I have to write a complete service plan on the story from John Chapter 4 'The Woman in the Well', but the difference is there is no sermon - its an 'all age' service.  Whilst this is my kind of thing and I have started the work, it will take more time...

Added to this I'm leading the service on Mothering Sunday, which will also take some work.   

So as you can see I am going to be very full on indeed with the new (old) job as well (and doing some overtime to catch up after the 2 snow days)!!  

Happy Sunday folks :)

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