No. 19 & 20 Wood Street

Today the snow started to clear, well last night actually, and I can only speak for Stratford. The first sign was around the bird feeders, the various layers of ground spread seed made an appearance.

We were able to get the car off the drive and onto the clear main road, so no need for me to trudge through the snow into Stratford when we went in for a coffee at Nero. We even took the crampons off our shoes to be stored away until the next lot of snow/ice (could be years!).

On the way back I took this photo of the Thai restaurant Sabai Sabai, the next in my Wood Street series. This grade II listed building has two street numbers 19 and 20 and even back in the 1891 census it was addressed so. In those days it was a Dyer and Cleaner run by Mr Waithman and his daughter. There was also a fifteen year old son who was a Brewer's Clerk. To complete the household was a boarder, housekeeper Mary Field, and a general servant, Jane Finch, age 14.

The restaurant looks quite nice though we've never been in there, we have been to the High Street Thai restaurant, The Giggling Squid.

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