Frozen River

It feels like we are on holiday again – as we are losing track of the days.  No one was in a rush to get up and about this morning, apart from BB who was keen to watch TV.  Today should have been our PTA Jumble Sale, but we made the decision to cancel it due to the weather conditions.  Hopefully we will manage to hold it later in the year.

TT was feeling much better than he was yesterday, so the boys eventually got going and went outside and did some serious snow shovelling.  We can probably get our car out now.  I, on the other hand,  had a pyjama morning, watching bits of Saturday Kitchen  while eating too much toast and marmalade.

To get us out of the house, we decided to go to a café in town for lunch.  It was really quiet, and I am sure they were glad of our custom.  We then went for river walk to show TT the snow eagle, only to find it had gone.  A replacement was in the process of being built on the other side of the river.  Further on. we came across a number of kids sledging, including a few of BB’s chums, so we abandoned him to play, and we continued our walk.  Once we got home, TT decided we needed more milk, so I went all the way back down town and got some from a convenience store.  I paid double what it would have cost in the supermarket – but it didn’t have any.  I also noticed that the supermarket was looking even emptier than yesterday.  It’s going to take a while to get stocked up again.

BB came home, having had a great time sledging.  I cooked tea and we had another quiet evening in front of the fire.

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