Games to play on a rainy Day!

We've had all sorts this morning  -  hail, sleet and now rain!  Today and tomorrow was supposed to be an Animation Workshop run by Pain Management Association in DCA Dundee, but that has been postponed until later in the year on account of weather.  I had bought a few props for the Workshop  -  here are a couple: a 5 inch mannekin and a round dice. You can see the original shot in the extra, but for the main blip I have superimposed a magazine cover script from my favourite collage maker!  It's free for a trial period  -  if you want to try it be careful only to click on the 'Download freeware' button and not on any of the other Download buttons piggy-backing on the page.  Still lots of birds in the garden through watery windows.  Have a nice week!

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