Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Afternoon light

Start of another week and I had a haircut booked with a new stylist! Yikes! Something I really dread doing as, since 1983, I've had my hair cut by two people (apart from when I am out of the country for over 6 weeks!)

The lady who cut my hair today is also the one who does my hair colour, so she knows me, which was helpful as she's given me a really good style. She even washed and dried it!

Home for the rest of the day. I finally scanned a few family pictures which came to light during the clear out and my kid sister who started blipping shortly after me, posted her 2000th entry! :D

My blip is of the flame tree catching the last of the sun in the afternoon. I love the way parts of it were lit up brighter.

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