Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Twin Towers

It's been a really good day!

First off, I went to Volvo about my window, and they fixed it for me on the spot with no charge! I need a new switch, so the rewiring they have done is a temporary solution. I finally got to meet the only mechanic they have who can work on my car! That done, I did a quick whiz around Carrefour as I was in the area.

Back home and G now has a shorter Monday as one of her kids doesn't need her anymore! We had Glenis come over to iron out the final details of a service we are doing on Saturday. It ended up taking three hours (we had lunch as well), and we all had a great time.

We went out soon after Glenis left. Some awareness needs to be done for the service so we called in at St. Mary's (the Catholic church) to hand a flyer to one of the nuns. It turns out, she was expecting us. Well, not us, but she remembered it is around this time of the year that the Women's World Day of Prayer service is held and had wondered what was happening! Fantastic.

We are experiencing cool, beautiful days after the awful sandstorms and rain of the weekend, so headed to Al Seef just to enjoy it. There is a photography exhibition by Jeroen Swolfs called Streets of the World on. Apparently, it is in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest exhibition of photographs. The photographer spent several years travelling to 198 countries taking photographs on a significant street in the capital city. Dubai is the first place to host the exhibition. It will move to London in April.

We took a detour from the pictures and jumped on the water taxi to cross over to the other side. G was promised a treat, so she got her spiced tea! We didn't hang around long as the wind was quite chilly and *somebody* didn't have the right gear on! It was actually nice to get into the car again and head home.

My blip is of the Twin Towers which were built in the 1980s and is owned by the same Sheikha who owns the buildings I grew up in. The lighting was spectacular. If only my camera didn't run out of battery... :(

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