An UGLY Scene

Ducks and seagulls walking on the water of the canal that runs through Berkhamsted. The ice hadn't quite melted although there were patches available for swimming, but it was a cold and icy scene.
I had been in Berko for my voice assessment for Chiltern Chamber Choir which was being done by a pro singer and teacher on behalf of our Musical Director. I survived and will live to sing another season! I am fine in a group but, on my own, I am far too nervous; a group singer rather than a soloist.

I then had coffee and cake plus a bit of shopping with my friend Mary. She used to sit beside me in rehearsal and we'd chat our way through; then Mary defected to the sopranos, so now we are reduced to sending texts across the room!!

Only two days until we go away so I really need to get organised. Tomorrow I will decide the camera gear I'll be taking - D750 full frame or the lighter D5600 cropped sensor? I think I might be brave and clean the sensor as I have all the necessary items.

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