keep within reach of children

While I think this glass water bottle from DigDeep is really cool (and hence, why I am blipping it).. I also feel like I'm back to the land of uninspired blips.

This weekend made me really happy because... everywhere I looked, there were blip opportunities. Natural light makes everything more beautiful.

Note to future self: I need so much damn natural light in my kitchen. Beautiful, blue-toned, morning light streaming through multiple windows. None of this windowless-kitchen-crap I'm living with in FW right now. ;)

Felt sort of in a hazy daze all day long. In a good way. It was definitely a good way. As much as I love traveling, I love being home. I also love having reasons to come home. wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I think I have approximately 37 more days until I get a RED blipfoto camera icon next to my little name... (!!!) excited. uber, super excited. it's the little things. it's always the little things.

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