Meet Jordan, my new favorite barista in town.

Spent the morning/afternoon at Avoca Coffee on Magnolia - studying my life away. Remembering that my cappuccino I'd gotten there a few weeks prior wasn't too bad, I ordered another one. To my wonderful surprise, as I took a sip, I was transported back to Portland, if but for a moment. Damn good cappuccino - the best I'd ever had in Texas by far.
I had to document the occasion with a portrait of Jordan, who, as I found out, has only been a barista for about 3 months. Nicely done. I feel like I should have left a comment card for the owners letting them know what a stellar job he's doing.
I ordered another cappuccino. Unfortunately, by the third time around, Jordan was not behind the counter and, sadly, my cappuccino was not as good.

3 was probably too many anyway. I haven't been drinking coffee for over a year. Don't need to overdo it all at once.

So many slides to study for this neuroanatomy exam. #@$%.

5 things:
1. Cappuccino.
2. Asking a stranger if I could take his portrait = strangers no more!
3. Brian met me up at Avoca to get some work done while Leah was home studying. Friends + coffeeshops! Feels like college all over again. Aww. That makes me miss Ryan Ray. Be my friend again please, sir.
4. So many lovely comments from blippers on my 1095th yesterday. Many thanks. Best community of photographers ever.
5. Hopping on the treadmill at 10pm to force myself to keep studying. I'm a nerd.

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