Molly the gorgeous collie

By MollyCollie

Under the weather

I'm a very subdued little collie today. Ann says I'm feeling 'under the weather'. Well, I don't really understand what feeling 'under the weather' means. I'm always underneath the weather aren't I? Today it's been snowing and raining so when I was out on my walks I was most definitely under the weather. And it wasn't very nice! I got soaked through to my skin on both of my walks!

When Ann came home from work I was sound asleep. I didn't even wake up when she said, 'Hello MollyCollie.' I only woke up when she tickled me behind my ears and said, 'You're a very sleepy little collie today aren't you?'

I didn't want to go out for my morning walk today. And I didn't want to go out for my afternoon walk. All I've wanted to do today is snooze in my bed. The trouble is.................... we don't have a garden so I've got to go on a little walk for toileting purposes. I trekked around for 20 mins this morning and I trekked around for 20 mins this afternoon but I was walking slower than a snail. And as soon as we got back into the flat I went back into my bed.

…...........And now that I've had two 20 min walks, I'm fast asleep again. I didn't eat my breakfast and my dinner is out for me but I can't be bothered to eat that either. I just want to sleep.

Sometimes, I am such a worry to my very lovely owner, Ann.

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