By Veronica

Rainbow bokeh

I'm not feeling very blip-motivated at present, so here's the annual blossom blip from outside our kitchen window. It flowered rather early and was then zapped by the frost we had a couple of weeks ago, so I think the display may not be as impressive as in previous years. There are quite a few buds on it though, and the weather is milder now. High-key alternative in extra.

We went to see Irina Brook's production of Peer Gynt last night, as I got last-minute tickets for 12 euros each instead of 27. She has made Peer a rock star; I was expecting something quite dramatic and inventive, so I found the fairly conventional staging a bit of a disappointment. Also we were a long, long way from the stage; we're used to much smaller venues where you can actually see the actors' faces clearly. But she had also cut it down from five hours to two and a half, which was probably a good thing.

Before that, instead of my Tuesday afternoon walk, I got to take Mystère to the vet. He somehow managed to get bitten deeply above both eyes simultaneously ... he'd only been out for an hour! No need to thank me for not blipping his face. The new vet was quite impressed when he looked at his record, a long series of antibiotics for facial bites plus the occasional paw injury. He knows never to turn his back on the enemy.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts; we're in that limbo period now where administrative stuff gets sorted out.

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