It was warmer this morning, so we decided to go walking round Digley, it wasn't as muddy underfoot as I'd expected and it felt good to be out walking after being confined to the house recently.  I felt sure I'd get a blip with some sheep and sure enough I saw plenty but they didn't co-operate so my entry for the challenge is minus animals.  

I've just finished doing an hour's Pilates;  I haven't done any proper exercise since we went on holiday and I've been promising myself I'd make a start - well today I did and I feel much better for it. I get a fair amount of exercise from being out and about with my camera, but there's something almost virtuous about deciding to do an hour's "keep fit".  I hope now I've started I'll be able to keep it up -  at least until the next holiday. :-))

Thank you for visiting my journal and for comments and stars for yesterday's Tulip, they're very much appreciated.

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