By Freyjad


This was the sight that greeted us as we woke this morning and before long we had about 4";  I got the snow pusher and cleared a way under the bird feeders, replenished them and put food on the ground for the ground feeders.  I'm sure the birds appreciated it but by 2pm nearly all signs of the snow had gone so I probably hadn't needed to panic. The image is rather soft because it was snowing all the while I was clicking away, and I didn't pay enough attention to my shutter speed which could have done with being faster.

We've had visitors this afternoon which I've really enjoyed as we hadn't met up for some time and it's been interesting to hear all about their travels and what the young members of the family are getting up to.  The sky is looking pretty this evening but I don't think I'll be going out - maybe tomorrow. Thank you so much for the  response to yesterday''s image, I'm so pleased that you liked it so much :)

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