By Freyjad

Flower Friday

It's been almost Spring like today, so different from yesterday and such a welcome one that I took advantage of it and went walking; afterwards I spent more time trying different things with the Speedlight.  

Just as I was putting things away I had a phone call from my son in law who said he had an early "Mother's Day" present for me and would I be in if he came up.  I had an idea what it might be as we'd recently discussed the problems with wifi signals and dead zones which for us were a particular problem in the side of the house furthest from the router. Anyway he arrived with the system which comprises a router and a booster which the spec says will cover up to 4,000 square feet.  So far so good -  it's brilliant and my download speed has tripled;  what a thoughtful son in law I've got, this is such a useful gift for me . :-))

Thank you so much for the  response to yesterday''s image, I'm so pleased you liked it, and thank you BikerBear for continuing to host the lovely FF challenge.

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