Still Life

Although I've been out today and it's been pleasant enough the light has been quite flat and I didn't feel like trying to take photos when the results might be drab and dull.  This gave me no excuse for further procrastination as regards the Still Life challenge, but what to blip?  I had several false starts and it's so difficult to get the balance right - that said I soon became absorbed in the task and I've decided to try and do at least one Still Life a week.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I'll be seeing two of my daughters, the third one I'll see on Easter Saturday;  if I remember correctly Mother's Day last year was warm given the way we were all dressed in the photos, but I can't see that we'll be in light clothing this year.

Thank you so much for visiting my journal and for the comments, stars and hearts left for my Tulips, they're all very much appreciated.

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