By Teasel

Flying Fish

No alarm failure today and I battled through the driving rain to get the early bus.   It was raining (heavily) when I left the house, it was sleeting when I got to work, and then it snowed.   I was soaked when I got to the bus stop and it took me quite a while to dry out once I got to work.  For most of the day, I felt like I was drowning in paper.  I escaped from it all to pop over to John Lewis at lunchtime for a couple of things, then it was back to the paper.

Everyone seemed to leave the office even earlier than yesterday, so I didn’t stay late either. When I got home the boys were at BB’s football.  I popped out to the supermarket for a couple for a couple of  things and noticed that there were still many empty shelves.  I had a few badminton things to tidy up – and so the evening has disappeared.

No blips again, but I liked these colourful fish in John Lewis – it’s not a very good shot, as ever I was in a rush.  

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