One of the sounds that means here to me is the s sound of broom sweeping up the leaves and the fallen frangipani flowers down by the pool. This is of the Meghclean women who does this job. She was happy to have her picture taken as she had just been smiling and talking to Amelia. Everyone talks to babies here. I wanted to try get a couple of the checkout assistants at Jaya for the contrast of one Malay and one Chinese but the angles were wrong.

Amelia seems ok after last night's accident. She's not impressed with the socks but her hands don't seem sore. There are habits you should just NOT get out of, esp when small people are about.

I think I finally hit my wall this morning. Too much emotion and 'keeping going' the last couple of months. Went and lay down with the AC on and then it was 1.15. Obviously needed it.

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