It Takes Two

By laurie54

Meep Meep

Thanks for all of the stars and hearts the last 3-4 days.  I apologize for not thanking everyone individually but it's been pretty hectic here lately.  I hope you understand.

I went out to check for different owls then back to the one I shot two days ago. Despite it being really warm it was overcast so no sun in which to bask. On the off chance he'd poke out I waited a while.  

I was looking around and noticed this roadrunner in my front yard.  I whipped the camera around and tried to get him as he was sauntering but I couldn't get him focused.  Then he took off.  Roadrunners can move at break-neck speed: as fast as 20 mph/32 KPH. Plus, they rarely run in a straight line.

I tried to anticipate where he'd go and how quickly.  I panned the camera super fast and slightly ahead of him.  I got a lot of beaks and tails and half birds, surprisingly all in perfect focus. I was lucky enough to snap one of him crossing my yard, going down the curb (blip), crossing the pavement (extra) and pausing in the yard across the street (extra).  

I think this my first roadrunner capture in almost two years.  I see them all the time but I'm never prepared. I was using the camera with which I can get 10 fps. I pressed that shutter button and never let go!

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