By iaint


So, Thursday is almost over.

It was another busy day. We had sunshine. We had frost. We had quite a bit of daylight.

We had a laugh with the 3 men who came to instal the new printer/photocopier in the office - about the MI5 microphones and cameras. Come to think about it, they didn’t laugh much and didn’t deny it.

It was the Teenager’s 18th birthday and she enjoyed herself.

Yes, I got to the library after work and new books have been obtained.


Maybe the UK-wide online opinion poll run by Sky News over the last few days, as to who is the UK’s most influential woman. The results became “known” today because a reporter took a screenshot as it closed. Are you ready for this?

First was FM Nicola Sturgeon with 48.6k votes.
Second was SNP MP (at Westminster) Mhairi Black. 27.5k.
Third was the Queen - 23.9k.

PM May was 19th.  Presumably she got her family to vote for her.

I don’t read anything into online polls, as they are so easily manipulated, but it’s a bit of a laugh. Sky News is burying the results fairly deep.

The Blip came from me pondering over breakfast my chances of getting somethig done in the garden this weekend. Not looking good...

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