By Ferny_Mumma

It takes all sorts!!

Well...... it’s been a few odd kind of days, a long old week indeed! One full of annoyance and frustration at other people’s ignorance and lack of substance. It’s been a week full of patience, questions, answers and the questioning of right and wrong in the world....... Karma........ The Universe at work!?! I do rather hope it has a plan!!??!!

However it’s also been a week of positives in various different forms and I count my blessings no matter how few or small.

I’m not deeply religious but attending mass this week has really helped to keep me grounded! Despite the apparent shite storm going on with life in general. Sometimes you just need to rant.....to explode...... to cry...... to laugh....... to dream, just to get you through it and it out of it!

Despite anything that’s just plain gash, those boys of mine make everything seem OKAY....... and “just okay” can be all you need to reset you.
Cuddles, kisses, smiles and that look of pure love when you look in their eyes, the realisation that in every moment they’re with you, YOU are their everything!

Teacher, Doctor, nurse, friend, craziness, stability, norm, safety, boundary pusher, biggest fan, best critic and endless endless names/uses including Dinosaur and Spider Hunter, story teller and bestest cuddler...... all these things and more are what you are to them! You are their universe and nothing and no one changes that in their gorgeous big blue/brown eyes! ...... I think that makes me the luckiest Mummy on the planet! Thanks for choosing me Boys...... I won’t let you down and I WILL make YOU PROUD xxx

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