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By outdoorguy

Painting in the Pelican

Three plein air (painting outdoors) artists were hard at work this morning at A.P. Bell Fish Company.

I think my picture(s) accomplishes 2 things. 1. It shows 3 guys with incredible painting talent. 2. It shows a little more than you usually see of the boat harbor.

The 3 gentlemen were VERY good. All three gave me their business cards, and after posting this...I am off to visit their websites.

I love watching people with painting talent. I was going to go back this afternoon to see the finished products, but we left the cold weather (60-ish F) behind, and went to see the Best Picture Oscar winner...The Shape of Water. It was very different, and fantasy-filled. A little out of our element, and I probably liked it better than Lisa did.

In my Extras, take a look at the other two artists.

P.S. This guy started painting in the pelican, and the pelican model flew away. Oops.

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