Recording a moment

By chrisf

Forty Four Storeys Up

Number 100 Greengate (see yesterday's blip) was topped out on Monday, and I had an opportunity to go up this morning.  Hard hat, high vis jacket and size 10 stout boots provided.

At 44 storeys it is and will be Salford's highest building, by some margin. The views from the top are spectacular - and we were extremely lucky with the weather. It is not often I find myself almost level with a crane driver. That id Pendleton behind him.

I took lots of photos - difficult to choose, but it's not often I get the chance to photo one of Manchester's most well known, and notorious, buildings (extra). 

Watching glass windows being installed made me realise how skilled the workmen have to be. They are largely east European.  And all the glass panes (over 100 per floor) come from Rimini in Italy - apparently no manufacturing of these materials in the UK. Heaven knows what will happen to the construction industry post Brexit.

Prior to this visited the nearby Blueprint Studios. A labour of love, used by many local bands and lots of famous names (google if interested). Elbow have permanent studios there. Lots of different studio spaces. The building used to be a box factory, and the upper room was used for Sunday School meets. It is now the biggest studio space (extra)

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