Wet,Wet, Wet!

This blip is of my mechanical pencil from blipper Tractor Factory Photos and arrived yesterday. It is handmade by him from recycled skateboard wood and looks quite unique.

Just when I thought we had turned the corner into spring, comes a day like today with heavy rain and a depressing feeling of hopelessness.
Nevertheless onward and upward as they say. Soup has been made to feed any offspring that could descend tomorrow although I’m not holding my breath.
The basic recipe was for spicy squash soup with apple, but by the time I had finished adding everything possible from the fridge , leeks, carrots, and red pepper, it bears no resemblance to the original but it seems palatable enough.

His Lordship is sitting pretty in his man cave, a beer in hand, watching the Scottish -Irish rugby match in Dublin. Given the Irish record, I am not hopeful of Scotland putting a spanner in the works. We’ll see - I am off for a miserable walk in the rain- it’s all too exciting for me to cope with.

I hope to dry off in time for a wee get together with neighbours in the local wine bar tonight. That is something to look forward to.

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