Reikes small life...

By Reike

We heart Djeili

Great long walk in the morning with the neighbors! 
Took loads of pictures with the kids using branches as swings and climbing around on old trees and making the world their own playground. The girl wanted to pose for a picture and Djeili actually wanted to be in the picture, too! These kids have a good childhood, they are outside every day for several hours, walking, cycling, climbing and whatever!

Later we went to the shops, and there was a pair of kids, too. I first nearly stepped on them sitting on the ground, they were so quiet, playing games on their iphones, not moving at all. I felt so, so sorry for them. Most probably very "convenient" for their shopping parents. Doh. 

We later walked up the mountain to the Heidi hut which was pretty unspectacular, not the worst views, but we are too spoilt in the meanwhile (we bastards!). Walking is always good anyway. Snapped more mountain pics but thought I would break the routine with a Djeili pic.

Extra of Djeili on her own.

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