Another text from my sister this morning to say my Mum was feeling unwell again so they were getting the doctor out again.  Poor Mum, it's just never ending at the moment.  The doctor couldn't find anything obviously wrong but did raise the possibility of respite care - which my Mum is open to.  Only trouble is there are not actually any beds available :(  Hopefully they can get some home care soon though.

Busy day at work - lots to juggle at the moment.  I took a little walk at lunchtime - went into the car park underneath the Barbican on Fann Street and up one of the stairwells there to the highwalk.  Took this shot in the entrance, looking up.

Watched the final episode of Mr Robot with Tim this evening.  Excellent, but ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, predictably...!

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