In the house

Spoke to my Mum this morning - then shortly after she got a call to say a bed had become available in Wincanton - so she and my sister sprang into action and got her all packed up and downstairs - only to then find that she wasn't being picked up at 1pm as she'd been told, but would have to wait until 5:30pm.  She did finally get collected then though, and arrived about an hour later.  She texted me to say she's in a five-bed ward, but with her bed next to the window, which I guess is nice.

Spoke to my sister this morning - briefly, to learn the respite care news - and then to my brother this evening.  I do love my family :)

Took this photo on my way home this evening - I keep walking past this restaurant in the mornings and thinking it'd be good to line someone up in the neon house thing on the window - but also that it'd be less conspicuous to do so at night.  That part was true but it's not the best quality photo.  Might try again with a better quality lens soon - or brave a shot in the daytime....

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