Snow Day 2

More snow today.
Miss E was the only one in her swimming group this morning. Miss A was the only one in hers. And Miss J was the only child in the entire pool during her lesson. She had four teachers looking after her!!!
It's nice for them to see that the world doesn't stop spinning because of a bit of snow and that they are tougher (have tougher parents!) than everyone else in all their swimming classes put together!!
In the afternoon the Little Misses went out to the front of the house to build a snowman. It was brilliant!!
When Mr K went out to have a look at their creation they started bombarding him with snowballs. And squealing with hysterical delight!! 
Mr K gave as good as he got and they had a fabulous snowball fight. Archie joined in chasing the snowballs which was hilarious.
I was in my jim-jams so I stayed on the front door step watching the proceedings from a safe distance.
It was one of those moments that I suspect they'll remember for the rest of their lives. Magical!

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