By strawhouse

Whoop Whoop!!!

What a fabulous time we had at Watford today!!!! Unlike the last time we went and endured the worst game ever!
You have to take the ups with the downs and today made the crappiness worth it!!
It was a twelve o'clock kick off so we had to set off pretty early. The rain was torrential the whole way to Watford. And forecast to stay that way. Sigh.
As is now traditional we listened to the Descendants soundtrack. At full volume!!
For once we were prepared - I had my big Arctic coat on, waterproof trousers and walking boots on so looked more like I was going hiking than to a football match! Miss E had waterproof trousers in my bag and was wearing Mr K's Superdry coat which was far too big but kept her warm and dry!! See extras.
We parked in town and walked up to the stadium in pouring rain, stopping at Subway's to get my lunch - 6" BMT on hearty Italian. (Toasted with cheese, everything except jalapeños, and mayonnaise)
Then it was to the chippy on Vicarage Road where we met my mum and brother. Miss E went in by herself for her enormous portion of chips with her body weight in salt and vinegar.
Then it was into the stadium!
It was lovely to be there with Nana and Uncle D. It's been a year and a half since we all went together to Miss E's first match.
What a game!!!!! We scored after five minutes (whoop whoop!!), the atmosphere was great, the football was great, the rain stopped which was great, the hot chocolate I'd bought in a flask was great, Miss E's giant Twix at halftime was great. Apparently.
And what an ending!!!! Leicester equalised at 75 minutes. Arse. But we didn't give up. We kept trying until the end and got a winner in the second minute of injury time!!! Whoop, whoop, whoopity whoop!!!!!
It was AMAZING!!!! Only Miss E's second win. When we came back in January and sat through the worst 0-0 I've ever seen I genuinely worried that Miss E was going to lose interest and want to stop coming. She just doesn't see enough of the good stuff.
Today made up for that!! Whoop whoop!!!
Once we'd dragged ourselves out of the ground and said goodbye to Nana and Uncle D, we headed into town for a bit of shopping. Miss E discovered the wonders of Primark and bought herself a few new outfits. Mostly black!! And mostly ripped. Ha ha ha!!!!
Then it was home.
All day I've kept remembering the match and can't stop myself smiling. The  lows make the highs so much sweeter!!

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