At the Footballl

Off to Vicarage Road with me and Miss E today.
For the worst game ever!!
Mr K dropped us at the train station and we jumped on the train to Watford. Miss E was understandably keen to check that we were on the right train after my efforts a year ago!
We walked up to the fish and ship shop on Vicarage Road and got our usual extra large chips with extra huge helpings of salt and vinegar.
Then into the ground we went. They were giving out vouchers for free drinks as part of the commemorations for Graham Taylor. It's just over two years since he died and, like last year, as the teams came out we all held our scarves in tribute to him. Amazing!
That was the last thing that was amazing!!!!
Freezing cold, soaking wet and a 0-0 draw. Awful.
It could have been worse - Burnley had a goal disallowed in the 92nd minute!
Miss E had practically gone blue by the end - despite being wrapped in both her scarf and mine - but was uncharacteristically stoic!
At the final whistle we shuffled our way out with the crowds. And then shuffled down Vicarage Road. And then trudged our way back to the station.
Mr K picked us up and it was home for pizza, Harry Potter, bed and Game of Thrones. And stupid Match of the Day. Guess which match they put on last?!!

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