Winter Walk

I met Mrs A this morning in Old Wolverton for a lovely walk with the dogs.
Archie was very excited to see Monty and Mabel again, and I was very pleased to see Mrs A. It's been ages!
We walked almost five miles - go us! - along the canal and around a nature reserve. It was really lovely!
Apart from having to carry a bag of poo the whole time, it being freezing cold, me being desperate for the loo and having to go behind a tree (which wasn't even vaguely sheltered from view!!!) and Archie barking at old ladies.
Ha ha ha!!! Apart from all that it really was lovely!
I had planned to get lots of jobs done in the house this afternoon but obviously all the walking meant I was far too exhausted and sat on the sofa  instead drinking tea and watching Top of the Lake: China Girl which I've had on tape since last Spring but have only just got round to watching. Very good!
Miss L had a swimming gala this afternoon which was great. We were soundly beaten by the other school who clearly swim a lot but we did well and they all enjoyed it. It was lovely to watch.
It was less lovely to experience her PE teacher being a twat again. Her first race was a relay and she was at one end of the pool at the start and the PE teacher was at the other end, near where I was sat. She was trying to get his attention for some reason but couldn't. I caught his eye and told him Miss L wanted him.
"I've only told her four times" he 'joked' rolling his eyes and snorting impatiently.
Well you can tell her again can't you, you moron
His manner is so infuriating!!! He does it all jokily but he just seems to be annoyed with Miss L all the time and thinks pointing out her faults to me is OK. 
She is slow to get ready, she does dilly-dally in her own little world, she does like to have instructions repeated over and over again.
She's SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!

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