Window shopping

The local charity shop is getting ready for Paddy's Day in a most bitch romantic bichromatic way - a wealth of greens and faded reds. And I'm after the sparkly hair band - see extra. 

A good if long film last night - Heartstone - set in a very remote bit of Iceland. A very intimate and closley observed coming of age of two two lads and lots of messy encounters with girls, sisters, mothers, drunken fathers and the local red headed yob.It was beautifully filmed and very intense, but thankfully TJ and I were well fuelled with chips and ice cream.

And they're off - currently somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean heading for San Fransisco and their first stop ( I can track them on an app!). Yes son#2 finished his van yesterday, almost minutes before it it was collected to be shipped off from Norwich to Nelson, New Zealand. What a fantastic job he's made too - I don't think he's slept for two days so he should collapse on the plane. I've copied the pix from his facebook page so hope that works! 

Book club tonight - discussing All the LIght We Cannot See - a marvellous book. 

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