A time for everything

By turnx3

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

I felt rather reluctant to get up this morning, and then once I finally did, Laura called. She was sitting in the living room of her apartment in Kuwait, watching a big sand storm roll in. She had already sent me some quite dramatic photos on WhatsApp. She was finding it fascinating, as although she has experienced a couple already, on both occasions she had woken up to the sand-laden air already in place, but on this occasion, she was watching it unfurl, and the light take on its orange tint. It was also accompanied by strong winds, rain and thunder and lightening! We chatted for quite a while, then I decided I must get on with things. I needed to go out and do some shopping and get some exercise. It was a lovely sunny day, though a little on the cool side, so I went walking at Voice of America Park, where robins were plentiful, but again no sign of red-winged blackbirds. I saw a few other small birds, but wasn’t sure what they were, and I wasn’t able to get a photograph to be able to look them up. So my only photographs were of the beautiful clouds. This evening we went to see Othello at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, a very powerful production, and quite a while since I had seen a Shakespeare play, so very enjoyable. My Blip is of the steps leading up to the upper level, bearing the names of various Shakespeare plays.
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