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The Old Forge (Saturday 17th March 2018)

I have been on several outings to see snake's head fritillaries but hadn't grown any of my own since 1997, when the last of three I planted in 1995 appeared for the final time. This year, I had another go and this week the first of a few has opened up.
R. and I came back from Greatfield Nurseries yesterday stocked up with cobbles, bark chippings, an oak barrel and plants, and the Extra shows one she potted up for me, in the porch.

17.3.2018 (2025 hr)

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Stuff Around The Garden, 16-17 March 2018 (Flickr album of 10 photos)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Mose Allison - Eyesight To The Blind (recorded 13 February 1959, Englewood Cliffs NJ)
This song by Sonny Boy Williamson II is now best known by the adaption that Pete Townshend made for his rock opera Tommy. He first heard it by Mose Allison though returned to the original lyric while rewriting the tune. Mose Allison's version comes from the album Autumn Song and in 1961 was released as a single in America only. I played it this day from the Mojo cover disc Big Sensations - Maximum R&B 45s From The Dawn Of Mod - 15 Floor Fillers.

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The Old Forge

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