By AmandaT2013

The Beast From The East 2

According to our local weatherman this is unprecedented - not just one dump of snow in March, but two in just over two weeks.  We were forecast just to get maybe 1cm.  Well it looks about 7 cm, and 10cm in the drifts to me!  Mr Owl (top right) sensibly refused to budge from the bed this morning, and we had already decided last night we wouldn't have the Sunday morning leisure centre alarm on.  A good decision when we woke up and looked outside.  Some garden pictures and both dunnocks have now happily learned how to use the bird feeders.  I hope the frogspawn will be OK.  It did start to melt a bit but I have just seen on Twitter that there is another band to pass through tonight.  It is already -3 degrees C so ice and snow ahead.

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