High Tide

Poor BB was woken up very early by noisy birds.  TT got up to see what was going on and declared it was like a scene from The Birds outside – so many crows.  I think we all managed to doze off again and managed a bit more sleep.  More snow had fallen overnight, so BB’s football was cancelled, and I didn’t go out for a run.  Instead we had a quiet morning where I cooked and baked and pottered.

No one left the house until after lunchtime.  We headed over to North Berwick at BB’s request. 

The tide was very high, and the waves were crashing in – there was no beach to walk on at the West Bay and only a small bit of beach at Milsey Bay.  BB was amazed when he kicked back some sand, to discover snow underneath! We walked part way up the Glen and back round by the tennis courts.  We came home via the supermarket and had a quiet evening.  I watched Brooklyn, which is a lovely film.

This is West Bay.  Where has the beach gone?


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