Flower Display

BB’s football was on, then off, then he was called to play for the team which a year older.  He was delighted.  It was a nice morning for a  run, but I decided to walk instead.  I just managed to stay dry. I got home to a peaceful house, toast and marmalade and Saturday Kitchen!

BB was even more delighted when he came home, as the team won 12:0 – twelve - nil!  What’s more they were playing a team that was made up of half of BB’s class mates from school!

It brightened up after lunch so we went down into town to try and spend BB’s Wold book day voucher.  Our local book shop is so unhelpful. I shall take it into Edinburgh on Monday and spend it for him.  I know we should shop local, and I love independent bookshops, but ours is not a favourite destination of mine.  We continued our wander with a river walk, before s supermarket visit to pick up provisions for tea.

Once we were home BB did his cello practice (without too much trouble!) and caught up with his reading homework while I read the paper and TT cooked tea.

TT and I then enjoyed a lovely bottle of fizz (bought for Valentine’s Day) while watching series three of The Bridge.

A local florist has put on a lovely display to try and drum up business next weekend!

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