Hellebores In The Drizzle

Friday morning and BB had to do a final cello practice and his reading.  At 8.10am he announced he needed to do some more homework.  Too late! As we were heading out the door to school, I noticed that he hadn’t put his homework book or his reading book in his bag. Amazingly we got to school with time to spare.  I then rushed home, did a couple of things, then had to head out to do a few things in town.  It was then home to get BB’s badminton things ready for the tournament in the afternoon.

I picked him and his friend N up from school and we had to head straight off to the tournament.  We emerged from the sports centre five hours later.  It was a tough competition.  BB was up against boys who live for badminton, are involved in lots of training and play at county level.  There are far less girls who enter these competitions.  N and a friend noticed that very few girls had entered the girls doubles competition, so made a late entry and they were the runners up, which was a fabulous result.

BB just about held it together until we had dropped N off.  He was hungry, tired and emotional.  Once we got home, had a wee chat and I got him to eat something he felt a bit better.

We sent TT out for fish and chips and then had a quiet evening.

Here are my hellebores in the drizzle this morning.

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