I was awake far too early, especially as I was really tired when I went to bed last night.  I eventually got up, and even though I could barely keep my eyes open I finished my book – a very enjoyable read (The Reader on the 6.27).  BB appeared and wanted to watch something.  I started cooking – chicken and leek pie for tea and pizza for lunch.  I then hung out a load of washing.  I had been planning to run, but I prevaricated as I was tired and it was quite windy. The boys went off to church, and  I eventually found some energy and ran. I planned to run about four miles, but took a detour and did five miles.  My legs were tired by the time I ran up the hill to home, straight into the wind.

It brightened up significantly after lunch and we decided to go out.  BB requested a beach, more specifically Tyninghame.  We had a lovely, if bracing, walk.  We walked along behind the dunes, and back along the beach.  It was probably windier than it had been earlier, and when we reached the beach it was like a sandstorm.  At least the wind (and sand) was behind us as we walked along the beach.

Once home, it was time for cello practice, while I sorted out tea.  We have all had a quiet evening – worn out by the day.

Here is a view towards Dunbar, through the spindrift.

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