Tranent Gravestone

I’ll do my last cello practice on Friday morning he said.  Now that it was Friday morning, he said he was too tired.  Somehow we reached a compromise and he did ten minutes at the very last gasp.  We then had to rush down the road.  I went for a  run, it was windy and cold.  I planned to hang my washing out when I got back, but the rain had started.  Once it had gone off I went out to do a couple of errands.

BB was tired when he got home from school, but he had to find some energy for football training this afternoon. My friend was at the dentist, so I walked by myself whilst BB was training.  BB and I had a grand show down about cello practice when we got home, but he eventually did his practice. Only four to go before next Friday!

Here is another fabulous old grave stone from Tranent church yard.

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