A trip up to London today felt rather exotic after the past few weeks being stranded in the village at regular intervals due to the snow.

It was a great day supporting Claire and Pal with fellow PR and volunteer Christina to meet up with the wonderful Lesley Nicol (aka Mrs Patmore from Downton Abbey) to talk about awareness for assistance dogs and cancer detection dogs for a Podcast. Lesley is coming to the end of a 7 week stint in a play at the Dolamar Theatre and took time out of her busy schedule to help promote the charity.

It was refreshing to meet an actress who is so down to earth and whose passion for animals is as charming as her ability to put everyone at ease in her company. She gave us a laugh too as she admitted she can’t cook! How ironic.

We were given such a warm welcome from the guys and gals at the recording studio and met the charming Callum Turner who has just wrapped filming for The Crimes of Grindlewald, which will be released in cinemas 16 November, in his role as Theseus Scamander (brother of Eddie Redmayne’s character Newt Scamander).

I asked Callum if he‘d had a chance for much ‘wand action’ and he said to look out for his epic moves in the newly released trailer. His child-like excitement about playing a wizard was contagious and we all had a giggle. But as always Pal the Detection Dog was the biggest star of the day and Callum listened intently to Claire explaining about Pal’s life saving work.

Yet again I’m inspired by Claire’s ambassador role for the charity especially on a day like today with the wind chill making it feel like -7C. Brrrrrrrrh!

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Picture: Telephone at Advertising Agency and Recording Studio Another Tongue in Soho, London

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