Fish scales

As a short finale to our trip, in an increasingly strong northerly, we headed on up to La Geria for final views of the volcanic park and wine making plains that we've become very fond of. 

It didn't disappoint.

Yes, the headwind was fierce. But...
Yesss! Rich was back on form to draught.
Yesssss! tTrtilla tapas was on offer at the bodega and viewing point.

It was a great choice of ride. The La Geria road was at the end of our first day and, with Rich then still not on tops, I daren't suggest hanging around for photos; I think I might have been grapevine fodder!

Today, I made the most of it, stopping a number of times to enjoy the views and catch a few memories.

I've eaten double today. Breakfast, banana before we set off, two bars by 8 miles, snack tortilla lunch, main tortilla lunch, two tropicolada smoothies, two ice creams... It goes on! 

Yet, I was still on the verge of hanger by dinner (at 6pm!) I ate a colourful dinner, thankfully but then had the same symptoms as yesterday - lightheaded, need to breathe deeply, lost appetite. So, working on yesterday's success, I nibbled and nibbled until I got through another plate of food, finishing off with two desserts! Low blood sugar maybe? Maybe my system has just used all its food reserves? I'm not sure but back to normal now.

We've been so lucky with the weather - The most rain Lanzarote has seen in a long time before we arrived so the greenest it's been for years; high winds coming in today and ever increasing next week; and only one day of rain that didn't stop play. 

It's been quite a week! Full of amazing, varied views; far better than I ever imagined. A ride a day on roads with drivers who give you space. And a fine place to stay with a bonus jacuzzi and oodles of good food.

Looking forward to a few days of recovery now. And eating more!

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