Performing arts night

Gulliver is in the school Soul band, another great performance by all the pupils under the amazing Mr Cragg’s guidance!

After the musical section we went into the theatre for dance students followed by theatre, an amazing show which didn’t finish till 9.30, the school is brilliant.

Lovely to see Daryl who I met when we were pregnant with our first kids, her daughter Abigail is a day older than Zebedee, they will both be 18 next month!?!?!?!

Also Lesley who I met when pregnant with Gulli and she was having her first child Ashlay, both 15 now.

I got Gulli fish and chips on the way home, he was very talkative and inspired and happy to find his grade 6 Rock guitar book has arrived when we got home and immediately started looking through the pieces which include Albatross by Fleetwood Mac and Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore.

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