Colleagues for afternoon tea

There were more visitors to the sickbay today.

Just after lunch nadinepierce called in for a catch-up over a cup of tea and some home baking. It is a rare luxury for us to see nadinepierce on her own, and lovely to have a long chat with her. (She also kindly brought more chocolate and reading supplies :-)

After nadinepierce left, Mr hazelh went for a run while I set the kitchen table for our next set of guests: a delegation from work that comprised Laura, Peter, Tom, Wegene, Bruce, Frances and LyndseyJ. For afternoon tea we served banana loaf, cheese scones, jam tarts, Tunnocks teacakes and caramel wafers, a variety of vegan/gluten-free biscuits, and fruit.

I was very excited to see my friends from work, and cannot believe how much they have achieved in the short time that I have been away from the office. I am so grateful that I have a team that is skilled at filling the gaps when one member goes 'missing in action'. I'm especially indebted to Laura, who is leading the research group while I am off sick.

My work colleagues arrived laden with cards and presents. These included a very beautiful bunch of spring flowers (which is likely to appear in my journal in the next couple of days).

After all the comings and goings of the afternoon and early evening I am exhausted, but so happy to have seen everyone today.

Exercise today: short walk to the supermarket (5685 steps)

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